Merry Chrismoose

ChrismooseMany people have light-up Christmas decorations in their yard. A popular one is the white-wire reindeer, covered with mini lights. Having another yard with another reindeer sounded boring. What really sounded good would be to have what almost nobody else has: a moose.

ChrismooseI bought a reindeer from the store and overhauled it. I studied pictures of moose, and got an idea of how their heads and shoulders varied from deer. And, of course, the antlers. I sketched the new shape in full size on paper, tracing around the existing wire deer head.

I got some heavy-gauge steel wire from the hardware store, and bent it to match my drawing. I scraped off the white paint from the deer head where the wires met, and soldered it together with a propane torch. Then I painted it with white spray paint.

Chrismoose outsideSince the head and antlers were bigger than before, it needed more mini lights. I got more lights and redid the shoulders, head and antlers. The result: a one-of-a-kind Christmas moose. Merry Chrismoose!

Submitted by amillar on Mon, 2007-12-03 10:08

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