Powr-Kraft Table Saw

Powr-Kraft Tablesaw
Powr-Kraft Tablesaw

I acquired a table saw last summer at a local estate sale for $20. It needed some repair, but looked like it was likely still in fairly good condition.

The label identifies it as a Powr-Kraft model TMG-3332A from Montgomery-Wards; date unkown. Looking at it, I guessed it was from the 1960s.

The saw takes an 8-inch blade, and is belt-driven with the motor mounted on the back of the frame. Mine has a 1-horsepower Craftsman electrical motor. I know this is not the original since Craftsman is a Sears brand.

My friend Jerry helped me find more information about this saw from the Old Wood Working Machine’s Powr-Kraft page. They had a reprint of a 1956 Ward’s catalog, and my saw is right inside on the second page.

Even though it is 50 years old, it still works nicely, but there are a number of things this saw needs. The electrical wiring needs repair, and it needs some safety guards. Since it is bordering on being an antique, or at least a collector’s item, I’m making sure that any fixes or modifications are not permanent, so it could be restored to original state if desired in the future.

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