XMMS now Audacious

I’ve always liked XMMS as a music player program on Linux. It had enough features, but the basic interface was always simple enough to just work. Unfortunately, it is not maintained any longer, and in my latest Ubuntu upgrade to version 8.10, I found it was no longer included or supported.

The XMMS project continued with a successor, XMMS2, but it is much more than just a simple audio player. I looked at it and got lost fairly quickly. I just wanted something simple like the original XMMS.

Thanks to the open source model, I fortunately found what I was looking for: Audacious. It is an off-shoot of the original XMMS, which maintains the same overall operation and feel, but is continuing to be maintained and updated for current Linux releases like Ubuntu 8.10. I installed it and within a minute I was happily playing music with my familiar controls and playlist.

So if you miss XMMS, give Audacious a try.

Submitted by amillar on Tue, 2009-03-17 15:24