Android Root on Epic 4G

I got a Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G SPH-D710 (Android smart phone) to use on Ting Mobile, a Sprint MVNO reseller with excellent service and prices. (Get $25 off using my referral code.)

There are a number of methods for getting root access into the phone documented on the Web, because the specific method changed over time during the popular life of the phone. Of course, I bought it for cheap after its useful life expectancy was past, so I’m documenting the final method that applies, as of December 2013.

The final ROM version released by Samsung for this phone is Gingerbread 2.3.6 FC09. Here is how I did it.

  • Reference instructions:
    1. XDA forum post Epic 4g [ROOT][FC09]
    2. Youtube video How to Root the Samsung Epic 4G on FC09 with step-by-step walkthrough.
  • Copy pre-rooted Epic ROM image onto SDCARD:
  • Use Odin3 v1.85 to install ClockworkMod Recovery ROM: cwm-
    • Boot into download: keyboard “1” key plus power button
  • Boot CWM and install the ROM file from SDCARD (
    • Boot into CWM recovery: volume down key plus camera button plus power button

Ting Notes:
I rooted the phone and even tried out CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.1 Jellybean) before I activated the phone on Ting. Everything worked as expected, playing with Android apps on Wifi.

I was not able to activate the phone on Ting service while it had any variant ROM installed. I had to go back to the stock Samsung FC09 ROM to get activation to work. Ting’s help system says this is common for Android phones. After activation, I was able to use the phone with both FC09 rooted and Cyanogen 10.1 ROMs.

When I tried CyanogenMod 10.1, most features worked consistently, reliably. The Android apps and customization enhancements all worked excellently. Voice calling, SMS text and WIFI all worked with no problems, but mobile data was inconsistent. Usually 3G (slow) would work, while 4G WiMax only worked occaisionally. After a while, 3G, WiMax, and bluetooth all stopped working, for no apparent reason. I was only able to get them working again by returning to stock FC09 ROM.

It is possible that it has something to do with Ting needing settings that vary from the Sprint standard settings.

4 thoughts on “Android Root on Epic 4G”

    1. The files were found in the XDA forum post, which I linked. You’d really need to go read that, if it is still there. But all of that is 5 years old. Also, that was Android version 2 (Gingerbread), which is very old and out-of-date at this point, and few current apps will run on it.

      If you really have an EPIC 4G that you’re trying to repurpose as a hobby device, it could be interesting to try it out. But don’t bother using an EPIC 4G as a phone in 2018 or later. You could probably talk and text, but Sprint doesn’t even offer WiMax data anymore, so you won’t get any “4G” data service.

  1. Any chance you could share the files?? I have a few but apparently not enough or not the good ones that I need anyway.
    I have cwm and a few roms, however I do not have root and it appears that without it the roms don’t work.

    1. Unfortunately I personally don’t have the files any more. I did all this 5 years ago; I haven’t even had this phone for a few years. Are you sure you even want to still do this? Even if you got the files, it is still Android 2.3, which is way out of date by now and not compatible with most new apps these days.

      In any case, the files should be in the XDA posting that I linked to in my write-up. If they aren’t there any longer, I don’t know where they are. Sorry and good luck with it.

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