Tablesaw wiring repair

Old wiringMy used tablesaw needed a new power cord and switch. The cord was clearly in bad shape. The on-off switch was spliced in with a mess of wire nuts and electrical tape. It was time for some basic electrical repair.

New switch and wiring
The label on the motor said it would pull up to 14 amps at full load. I replaced the cord completely using a 14-gauge extension cord I got on Christmas clearance sale at Home Depot, which is rated to carry 15 amps. I added a safety switch, which must be pulled out and forward to turn it on, and mounted the switch in a proper electrical box with no exposed terminals or wires.

Motor wiring
There are a number of considerations when replacing a switch and cord on an appliance or power tool.

  • Maintain proper grounding. The motor already had a ground lug for the cord, which I connected securely. I also attached the ground wire to the new metal switch box I installed, thereby ensuring a good ground for the table saw frame as well.
  • Use the correct wire size. 14 gauge should carry up to 15 amps safely.
  • Switch the “hot” wire. In household AC wiring, there is a black “hot” wire and a white “neutral” wire. Although both carry electricity, the hot wire should always be switched instead of the neutral. This is important in case of a short circuit, to maintain safety.

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