Video Samples

The Call of the Communist

Comments: I find with most of the work we do, the only word I can come up to describe them is 'interesting.'
It's a movie about an average guy that is visited by the ghost of Boris Yeltsin in a dream, telling him how great communism is and how it can change his life; possibly for the better.
This thing took forever to edit. Partly because there was a lot of footage to go through, but mostly it was because I was using Quick Time Pro. Quick Time Pro, to put in bluntly, is just a playlist editor (and still costs $30).
    Average Guy: J. R. G. Patches
    Boss: Cole
    Boris Yeltsin: Mr. Utopia
    Car Salesman: Onyx
    Man 1: Sir Ted the Indispensable

    Director: Sir Ted the Indispensable
    Script: Sir Ted the Indispensable
    Camera Person: Shinju Ki
    Editor: Onyx
    Post Production Technical support: Alan Millar

Time to Make:
    Filming: 1 week
    Editing: +100 Hr

The Blob of Merlo
Download Watch as a flash file

Comments: A first attempt in flash. It turned out quite well, I think.
    Animation: Mr. Utopia, Shinju Ki
    Sound Editor: Onyx

Time to Make:
    Animation: many weeks
    Sound: +4 Hr


 -Moist Towelettes
 -Bara no Toiki
 -The Angel of Freedom
 -Akaiko's Perihelion


 -Grape of Death
 -Onion Pictures
 -Pirate Slang
   -Invader Zim