Bara no Toiki


  • Family Name: Tsunoda
  • Meaning: Rice Field
  • Given Name: Narumi
  • Meaning: Having consistent beauty
  • Birth Date: March 14, 1962
  • Place Of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Blood Type: B
  • Work:
    - Arts Vision until 1998.
    - Mausu Promotion (formerly known as Ezaki Productions) from 1998 to June 2007.
    - Honey Rush from August 2007 to present.

    I think it is very surprising that not much is know about Tsunoda Narumi (at least in English) on the web.

    Narumi is best known for her roles as Taiki Kou/Star Maker in Sailor Moon and Ijuuin Rei in the Tokimeki Memorial, though she has many smaller roles in other animes.
    A lot of this probably has to do with her been apart of the main cast for the game/CD drama Tokimeki Memorial. The game was a huge hit in Japan, and Narumi ended up being in 10 different versions of the game (with multiple roles), and over 50 different CD dramas. This went from the middle of 1994 and ended in 1999. That must have kept her busy.

    Even if she was busy, she was described by some of the people she worked with as "a happy, smiling face the whole time and seemed really upbeat."
    Whenever you hear her, even when she's working, she's always laughing and making some kind of joke.

    "Rei: 'Hey, Tsunoda!!! Get over here!!!'
    Narumi: 'Yes, Yes, Coming!!!' and says to Sayurinno-san [the interviewer] 'Rei is calling me... that's the strangest thing... doesn't usually happen that way! But so now I've got to go!'"

    She's also a flirt. ^^

    "I wouldn't just want to be interviewed by anyone... and at least Sayurinno [the interviewer] is striving in her appearance of style today, seeing her here in front of me... ha ha ha ha ha!"

    And she really loves her work and is very dedicated.

    Seita-san: "To Tsunoda Narumi-san. That was a really good song. I like it very much ('Rent I-Hiteigumi'). Now, because of it, Rei is my favorite character! It's turned a new corner for me--Please keep going!"
    Narumi-san: "Rei is also one of my favorite characters. Please keep liking him, I thank you very much for your support. It's because of people like this I want to keep doing my very best for all of them. [heart shape]"

    And above all, she doesn't seem to mind talking to her fans on the street either.

    Choro-Choro: "Yesterday, I was walking down the street and I was lucky enough to bump into you! That voice, right away I recognized as Rei and you were good enough to spend some of your time to speak to me (another annoying inquisitive fan of yours.)"
    Narumi-san: "Wait a moment, I am always very pleased to meet with others. Where did we meet? I think I already remember your face."

    And she remembers!

    Narumi is a very talented voice actor, who is very bright and cheerful. I can only hope she will continue her career as a seiyuu.



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