Brethren of the Coast
The Caribbean buccaneers called themselves by this name in the 1640-1680 period. During this time, they actually formed a sort of fraternity, and did not (usually) fight each other or even steal from each other. After 1680, a new generation of pirates appeared, who did not trust each other...

Pirate, originally based in the Carribean or unscrupulous adventurer.

Meaning, "friend".
Cleaning a ship's hull of barnacles, seaweed and marine worms by beaching it and leaning it over to one side.

Cat o'nine tails, or just "cat"
A whip with many lashes, used for flogging. "A taste of the cat" might refer to a full flogging, or just a single blow to "smarten up" a recalcitrant hand.

A sailor's song. Also spelled "shantey" or "shanty."

The ship being pursued. "The chase is making full sail, sir" = "The ship we're after is going as fast as she can."
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