Polaroid Fun! Flash 640 Digital Camera

Shooting Digital
B&N , Powells

This camera has 640×480 resolution with built-in memory and a serial interface, holding about 16 pictures. There is no USB nor memory card slot.

This camera was designed as Windows-only, with proprietary TWAIN drivers to talk to the camera over the serial port.

Work was done to reverse-engineer the serial protocol for GPhoto 2. It works, and I was able to get pictures from the camera as PPM files using gtkam and the gphoto command-line tool.

In my testing, the colors are slightly different in the gphoto output, compared to the Windows Twain driver output.

The Fun! Flash 640 is different from the PDC-640 and 640SE models. Web references for the Fun Flash 640 are hard to find in 2005. Most searches turn up information about the PDC model. I recommend GPhoto as the main resource for technical details.

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